So my junior year of high school, i attended a semester long program in Leadville Colorado. Its called High Mountain Institute: Rocky Mountain Semester. This experience essentially changed my life in many ways and helped me look at the world differently. Rocky Mountain semester gives junior students a chance to spend 4-5 months in the mountains of Colorado , canyons of Utah and Wyoming. It combines rigorous academics with backpacking. We would be on campus for three weeks learning the typical Pre- Calc, US History etc, and then venture into the back country with our 75 pound backpacks and learn about the surrounding nature, continue our academics, and experience what it is like to carry everything you need on your back for two weeks. We learned about collaboration, teamwork and leadership. Growing up in LA, I was surrounded by rampant materialism, and was sometimes guilty of trying to fit in through superficial means. After attending HMI, i realized the differences between what i want and what i need. If it weren’t for HMI, I do not think I would be at Bates right now. Here are some pictures from my experience at HMI:

during the semester we did trail work in the Sawatch Range of Colorado

our backyard on campus


The reason I am writing this is because my best friend from High Mountain Institute is visiting me in Los Angeles from Connecticut. She’s been to LA about 4 times since HMI and I am so happy that we have kept in touch. Today we hung out by the pool and tomorrow we are going surfing and then on Thursday I am going back with her to Connecticut.

 just thought this was a funny picture

Anyway, I am planning on traveling around the East Coast (NY, CT, MA) for about a week to visit HMI friends and Bates friends. 

On another note, 4th of July weekend my two good friends from Bates came to visit and we had a wonderful time. It was so great to see them. I am really starting to miss everyone from Bates, and I am so excited to go back. Not only do I miss my friends, but I miss the classes and having a routine there… I also miss Commons. I hope everyone is having a relaxing and wonderful summer. 





Sorry it has taken me so long to write another post, I have been so busy working. This summer I am working in retail at a store called Fred Segal in the infant/toddler department. My days are from 9:30am – 7:00pm with an hour lunch break, so i have been quite busy. On the two days a week that I don’t work,  I go on hikes, hang out with friends, rock climb and try and catch up on sleep. 

  On one of my days off last week, my friends and I went to Venice Beach, which is about ten minutes from my house. There is a nice boardwalk with lots of vendors, tattoo and piercing shops and cafes.On any given day, people who visit the boardwalk (sometimes known as the ‘weird walk’) can expect to see various entertainers including:

1. Harry Perry( one of the world’s most famous street performers), a man who rollerblades around the boardwalk performing with a spiral guitar and who followed us until we gave him money.

2. A woman with two-inch fingernails and a crystal ball

3. A man performing from his cardboard constructed television set, who was conviced he was a weather man.


The boardwalk also has designated places for graffiti… here are some cool pictures: 

Also, I took the weekend off because one of my best friends from Bates came to visit from San Francisco. I showed her around LA, and we celebrated my sister’s 21st birthday. Coincidentally, another Batesie was in town this weekend, so we all hung out. We went to the beach, lounged by the pool, went on hikes and I showed them what the Sunset Strip is like at night. Unfortunately, i didn’t take a lot of pictures this weekend, but here is a picture of my dog swimming in the pool this afternoon. 

Lizzie (my friend from Bates) left this evening,but will be returning for the 4th of July weekend with three other Bates friends. 








I got home a few days ago and I realized how much I love and miss Bates. Not only do I miss my friends at Bates, but I miss my daily life at Bates as well. It’s nice to always be with your friends and there is always something to do at Bates. I feel extremely lucky to attend a college that when I am away from it, i truly miss it. The night i got home, a few of my friends came over, who have been home for about a week now and we all reminisced and talked about our college experiences. All of my friends told me how relieved they are to be done with their freshman year and how happy they are that it is summer. Although I am happy to be back in Los Angeles, and I am so happy to see my friends here, I cannot stop thinking about the fun times I had this year at Bates.

    However, it is also really nice to see my family, my puppies. The best part of walking into my front door the other night was being greeted by my dogs. Before I started college, i thought that being away from home would be so difficult (and at times it is hard and takes some transitions), but really, the hardest part is being away from my puppies.

Today I went on a hike with my friend Harry in the Pacific Palisades, which is in west Los Angeles. As we were hiking we noticed steep stairs going into a valley, so we walked down the stairs and saw an abandoned building with graffiti all over it. We continued to explore and we saw more of the same buildings. Later when we got home we did some research and discovered that it was an old Nazi Bunker. Here are some pictures of it:

After the hike we went to this place called the Bluffs where there is a great view of the ocean and the Santa Monica beach. 

I start work on Thursday, and this weekend I am driving up to San Francisco with some friends to visit my friend from Bates.

Although I miss Bates, I am very excited to be home with my friends, family and puppies. 

Its beautiful, sunny and we have so much time… what could be better? For the past week my friends and I have been going to Range Pond, Freeport and Portland. Cinco De Mayo was a big celebration at Bates. The Greg Waters Band played, which is a popular band with Bates students in it and we all danced the night away. 

This weekend was our Spring weekend. On friday there was a huge barbeque on the quad and three bands played. First the Greg Waters Band, then a reggae band and then Little Brother, rappers from North Carolina. 

Saturday was Ronjstock where bands from Bates performed. There was a barbeque and people danced and enjoyed the music.

That night my friends and i went to this great sushi restaurant in Freeport and then came back to Bates where The Nancies (another band with bates students) played by the Puddle and everyone watched the fireworks. It was a great night! 

Sunday the Bates Outing Club organized a clam bake at Popham beach, which is about an hour from Bates. It seemed like the entire Bates campus attended the clam bake. Everyone ate the delicious lobsters, burgers, hot dogs, clams and then played frisbee, football or tanned on the beach. The beaches in Maine are a lot different from the beaches in California. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, but  they are beautiful and rocky. 

I have finally come to the sad realization that short term is almost over. My friends and I were talking and we decided that we would love to spend our entire summer at Bates. We love it so much. Although i am excited to go back to Los Angeles and see all of my friends, I have made so many new friends during short term and I have been able to explore Maine, which has been amazing. 

Short Term

Short Term!

Short Term is just as amazing as everyone says it is. It began last week and it is already evident how happy people are. We are able to put all of our time into one class, while enjoying the sun, exploring Maine and spending quality time with friends. Last week we went to Nezinscot, which is in  Turner, Maine and it is an organic, environmentally sustainable farm. We ate their goat cheese and Brie, and sipped fresh squeezed orange juice. We even got to hold their new baby lamb.  We came back to Bates and read and did homework on the quad.

my friends and i outside at the farm

   The next day I had two hours of class and then my friends and I went to Range Pond, which is a beautiful pond where many Bates students swim, barbeque, tan and play frisbee. We stayed there for about three hours and then went out to dinner to a local restaurant in Lewiston called Fishbones for delicious Salmon and Blue Crab spring rolls. 

     The past few days have been a bit rainy, but finally today the sun has come out. Although, it has been rainy, it has not stopped us from having fun. We went and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which was hilarious) and my roommates and I had a mud fight. One of the things I like the most about Bates is that there is always something to do even if the weather isn’t ideal. Last night we went to Freeport to get sushi and Ben and Jerry’s was giving out free ice cream scoops! 

   I just got out of my class and now we are going to go for a hike about 15 miles away at Bradbury Mountain State Park.